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Diplomacy is used to influence others with tact, etiquette, and social grace. You may make a Diplomacy check to change people’s opinions, to negotiate a deal in good faith, to inspire goodwill, or to haggle with a patron, or to comport yourself with etiquette and tact.

Your Diplomacy Proficiency is based on your Charisma.

Diplomacy Actions


(at-will extended actionbasic skill utility )



One merchant (Diplomacy vs. Sense - 1 minute, +5 per 10% price adjustment)


You may adjust the cost of one good you are selling or purchasing by the desired amount.

Negotiate Surrender[]

(at-will free interruptbasic skill utility )



One creature which would hit you or an ally with an attack (Diplomacy vs. Will)



You may attempt to halt combat and negotiate the surrender of your allies.


You may only perform this action vs. opponents who are intelligent and willing to accept a surrender.


(at-will extended actionbasic skill utility )



Describe to the Game Master how you attempt to influence the target, then make a Diplomacy check vs. the target’s Sense. On a success, you influence the target into adopting a desired attitude, belief or action.

Diplomacy Training Feats

If you have Expertise in Diplomacy, you may gain one of the following at-will feats each time you gain further training in Diplomacy.