The martial hero relies on the strength of his arm and the sharpness of his blade to survive. He is the warrior, the guard, the scout, the marshal: the ultimate fighting man.

Fighter Theme Features[edit | edit source]

All Fighters, regardless of their other Class Features, gain the following proficiencies and abilities upon choosing the Fighter Theme:

Weapon Proficiencies[edit source]

The Fighter gains training with all weapon groups.

Armor Proficiencies[edit source]

The Fighter gains training with light armor, heavy armor, and shields.

Magic Proficiencies[edit source]

The Fighter cannot perform magic.

Skill Proficiencies[edit source]

The fighter gains training in Athletics and Endurance.

Starting Feats[edit source]

The Essential Fighter[edit | edit source]

This chapter presents many different options for creating a Martial Hero, also known as a Fighter. Many of these options can seem daunting, so the following builds have been distilled down into the essential necessities.

Each of these builds has been constructed using the Essential Array ability scores, choosing abilities and adding the +2 racial ability bonuses so that the final ability scores become 18/16/14/12/11 regardless of the character’s race. This ensures that the character begins play with their abilities optimized for that class’s rigors, and won’t find themselves particularly hampered compared to another player.

Blademaster (Essential Warrior)[edit | edit source]

Knight Defender (Essential Guard)[edit | edit source]

Archer (Essential Scout)[edit | edit source]

Captain (Essential Marshal)[edit | edit source]

The Complete Fighter[edit | edit source]

If you feel like delving into the nuts and bolts of character design, you can skip past the Essential builds and construct a Complete Fighter, which takes significantly more work but will result in a vision that is uniquely your own. There are four possible Complete Fighter starting points:

Warrior (Martial Striker)[edit | edit source]

The Warrior focuses her martial prowess into raw, brutal combat, striving to be the best weapons-master the world has seen. Any opponent, any weapon, in any situation; none can match the Warrior for raw prowess with a blade or bow.

Guard (Martial Defender)[edit | edit source]

The Guard focuses his martial prowess into defending others, standing fast against enemies that would slay a lesser man in a single blow. Frequently wearing heavy armor and a shield, the Guard's duty is to protect his charges.

Scout (Martial Controller)[edit | edit source]

The Scout focuses his martial prowess into an unparalleled tactical acumen, knowing where to direct traps and ranged volleys where they will be the most disruptive to the enemy's plans. Most often wielding bows or other long-ranged weapons, the Scout is also trained to infiltrate the enemy's lines, gathering information and reporting back without being seen.

Marshal (Martial Leader)[edit | edit source]

The Marshal focuses her martial prowess into teamwork and leadership, guiding and protecting her allies with keen insight and encouragement. The Marshal does not neglect her own combat abilities, however - she is equally at home on foot or in the saddle, wielding bow or blade, wearing leather or maille.

Fighter (Martial Generalist)[edit | edit source]

You can easily choose to create a generalist Fighter as a starting character, simply by picking Role-based Class Features from two different Roles. This will dilute your ability to fulfill each Role, but allows much more flexibility during character creation.

Fighting Styles[edit | edit source]

Choose a Fighting Style to specialize in as you begin play. You may choose one or both of your at-will maneuvers from that fighting style.

Bare-handed Fighting Style[edit source]

Training in unarmed or grappling, stunning blow.

Shield Fighting Style[edit source]

Training in shields, no opening.

Polearm Fighting Style[edit source]

Training in polearms, full extension.

Two-Weapon Fighting Style[edit source]

Wield versatile weapons as off-hand, tornado strike.

Light Blade Fighting Style[edit source]

Training in blades, blade crescendo.

Heavy Blade Fighting Style[edit source]

Training in axes or swords, cleaving strike.

Flail Fighting Style[edit source]

Training in flails, blade crescendo.

Spear Fighting Style[edit source]

Training in spears, skewering charge.

Blunt Weapon Fighting Style[edit source]

Training in bludgeons or hammers, bell ringer.

Thrown Weapon Fighting Style[edit source]

Training in thrown weapons, flurry of darts.

Archery Fighting Style[edit source]

Training in bows or crossbows, piercing shot.

Leveling Up[edit source]

At each level, you gain new features and bonuses to increase your martial prowess:

Level 1[edit source]

(1,000 XP)

Level 2[edit source]

(3,000 XP)

Level 3[edit source]

(6,000 XP)

Level 4[edit source]

(10,000 XP)

Level 5[edit source]

(15,000 XP)

Level 6[edit source]

(21,000 XP)

Level 7[edit source]

(28,000 XP)

Level 8[edit source]

(36,000 XP)

Level 9[edit source]

(45,000 XP)

Level 10[edit source]

(55,000 XP)

Level 11[edit source]

(65,000 XP)

  • You become a paragon hero, and your adventures pass beyond the scope of these rules.
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