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Optional Rule - Lingering Wounds[]

Characters who want to play a more gritty game may utilize the following rule for detailed critical hit damage:

Whenever a character suffers one or more points of Vitality damage due to a critical hit, roll 1D20 + the amount of vitality damage lost to the hit, then subtracts the target’s Fortitude defense. Apply the indicated condition (if any) until all of the target’s vitality damage is fully healed.

 Roll Result		Lingering Wound Effect
 0 or lower		No Effect
 1 to 2			Cannot use main hand
 3 to 4			Cannot use off hand
 5 to 7			Slowed
 8 to 9			Weakened
   10			Deafened
   11			Blinded
   12			Dazed
 13 or higher		Stunned

Particularly gritty settings may wish to force players to make an Endurance roll during each extended rest in order to regain a point of vitality; a failure means no vitality is regained during that rest, while a critical success means two points are regained, and a critical failure means that one Lingering Wound effect becomes a permanent affliction until healed with high-level magic. One character may make a Heal check once per day to attempt to aid healing; if they succeed, one additional point of vitality is healed, and on a critical success two additional points are regained. A critical failure on this Heal roll should be treated as a critical hit from a weapon, inflicting damage equal to the character’s reserve value.