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Hello everyone!

I'm Aelaris, AKA Nil Athelion. I'm one of Ialdabaoth's former housemates, and have perhaps some interest in game design. I also enjoy playing strategy games, tactical games, and rpgs, so something like this is up my alley. I was building my own variant on this, but Ialdabaoth totally distracted me with this. If Ialdabaoth is out of it, or if you just want a second opinion, let me know. (Generally put, Ialdabaoth has the vision, but I try to be a good sounding board, as best I can.)

Test Party[]

One thing I do is making characters to run through the game. I'm perhaps better at optimization than Ialdabaoth (he tends to be distracted by thematic or archetypal concerns, while I am generally distracted by realism concerns, but can put that away when optimizing), and so part of the process is making rather abusive characters. As such, they are often nerfed. Justly so: A level 1 character shouldn't be able to beat a 500 xp encounter while taking no damage.

Paul the Poker (Defensive guy, uses polearms to mess people up via OAs. He's the guy who solo'ed a 500 xp encounter with no damage.)

Sydney the Shooter (Somewhat min-maxed lady, shoots with a bow.)

Other Things[]

Simulationist Armor Description

Weapon and Armor Translation / Conversion Notes[]

Official policy in the system is that all equipment should use culturally neutral English names and immediately evoke what things are. Of course, there are a huge number more weapons out there than there are weapons in this game, and the culturally neutral names don't help much. Of course, a weapon in the game is just a bunch of numbers - many weapons could fit into those same stats, as long as you don't get greedy about 'betterness', or mind details that aren't expressed in the system.

For instance, there's a certain group of people out there who would cite a katana as being superior to a longsword. However, in this system they are one and the same - a sword that slashes, and can be carried in one, but preferably two hands (i.e. versatile). A Nodachi would be a greatsword, a wakizashi would be a shortsword, a tanto would be a dagger, etc.

But wait, you say! A katana is extremely sharp, great for cutting through leather and flesh, though notoriously fragile, and impotent against armor to the point of damaging the blade if struck against a plate. It's lousy at stabbing due to it's curve, unlike a western longsword. Similarly, the crosspiece of a westernsword allows a great number of techniques that are impossible with a tsuba, and the weighing of the western sword means you can preform a Mordschlag, something that would be impractical with a katana, but can be very useful against heavily armored opponents. A katana is likewise lighter, and can be used to attack faster. So not the same!

Well, it all falls under a degree of abstraction. Is it a sword? How many hands does it work with? Done.

Alternate Alignment System[]

Basically, instead or in addition to having a bunch of axises that describe your character, you make a sentence to describe him. All you do is fill in the blanks for this sentence, such that the sentence describes your character. Do it a few times, then pick the one that best sums up the character's thought process.

Male: He's the kinda guy who'd [BLANK], but then [BLANK].

Female: She's the kinda gal who'd [BLANK], but then [BLANK].

Example for a warrior: "He's the kinda guy who'd kill a whole village of enemies, but then adopt all their children, and take care of them."

Feel free to change the sentence around, but the basis is finding two semi-contradictory statements to illustrate both sides of your character.

Example for Wizard: "He says he's in it for the knowledge, but then when someone's life is in danger, he throws himself into danger without thinking."